10 Unbreakable St. Louis Cardinals Pitching Records

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5. Jack Taylor’s 39 Complete Games in a Season

Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t know who Jack Taylor is? Neither did I until I found this record in the media guide. The 10-year veteran played at the turn of the 20th Century, from 1898 until 1907, first for the Chicago Cubs and then for the St. Louis Cardinals. And then for the Cubs again.

Complete games were nothing new for the righthander. His big league career began with a complete game. He completed 278 of his 286 career starts, including a streak from June 20, 1901, to August 9, 1906, in which he completed 187 straight starts.

The Cubs traded Taylor to the St. Louis Cardinals in 1903 after the righty lost three of his four starts in the inaugural World Series that year. And go figure. In 1904, his first season with the Redbirds, he set the team record for complete games.

Is any current St. Louis Cardinal close? Um, no. Ace Adam Wainwright (above) has 21 — for his career.

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