St. Louis Cardinals: Top Ten Free Agent Signings

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Top Ten Free Agent Signings in St. Louis Cardinals’ History

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As a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, there is so much rich history that I remember and also grew up hearing about on the radio or through my father. With free agency starting today, I wanted to examine the history of this club and free agency. Obviously, we all know that it was the Cardinals’ Curt Flood who in 1969 started the movement for what became free agency in 1975.

But, who are the best free agent signings in Cardinals’ history? This took quite a bit of research and time recounting the history of the club. For brevity and time reasons, this will be free agents that came from outside the organization as major league players as free agents, so not including amateur/international free agents. I will be doing this in a quasi historical order, so don’t attack me if I list your favorite free agent last. Let’s get started!

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