St. Louis Cardinals: 4 Ballparks That Changed for Better, Worse

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The Monster Gets Topped

Credit: Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The decision-making abilities of the Boston Red Sox braintrust really came into question this year with the signing of two duds, Hanley Ramirez and Pedro Sandoval. But in ??, it made one of the smartest moves ever by sticking seats on top of Fenway Park’s fabled Green Monster. It is one of the few alterations to a classic ballpark that actually came off without a hitch, unlike that giant scoreboard that now looms over Wrigley Field. The Monster seats are now among the most sought after in baseball, and with good reason. The view up there is just tremendous.

Meanwhile, the likelihood of catching a home run ball is pretty good. Could you imagine being up there for the Bucky Dent homer in 1978?

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That is one home run ball I’d never throw back. Even if I was a Red Sox fan. Which I’m not.