St. Louis Cardinals: 4 Ballparks That Changed for Better, Worse

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Tal’s Hill

Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

When Houston’s Enron Field opened back in 2000, one gimmicky design element served as a sign to all of us that the whole retro ballpark thing had reached its limit. In deep center field, 436 feet from home plate, the outfield grass rose at an angle to meet the wall. The Astros named it Tal’s Hill after a longtime executive. Cute, but an unnecesary risk to outfielders who forgot it was there. Oh, and just to add to that risk, they put a big ol’ flag pole on the hill. (Face palm.)

Amazingly, no one has gotten seriously hurt tracking down a fly ball out there. Instead, Tal’s Hill has generated plenty of highlight reel fodder:

That doesn’t excuse it, though. Thankfully, the Stros are digging out Tal’s Hill as we speak and moving in the centerfield wall to a more conventional 409 or 410 feet from home. Pitchers might miss it. Few others will.

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