St. Louis Cardinals: Five Free Agent Pitchers the Team Can Reboot

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Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Mat Latos

I guess the Cincinnati Reds knew what they were doing when they unloaded Latos to the Miami Marlins last winter in exchange for a couple of prospects. After four solid seasons in that bandbox called Great American Ballpark, Latos promptly laid an egg in South Florida. He didn’t do much better after the Marlins traded him to the Los Angeles Dodgers, either.

Overall, in 116 1/3 innings of lackluster work, the inked-up righthander won just four games, posted an ERA close to 5.00 and by the end of the year was sitting forlornly in the Los Angeles Angels bullpen. Wow. Latos’ surly reputation won’t help his free agency. But he is the ideal buy-low-and-hope candidate for the Cardinals. Until last year, Latos was a very good starting pitcher.