World Series Preview: Why You Should Pull for the New York Mets

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Exhibit E: Senior Circuit Loyalty

Despise owner Fred Wilpon (right) and his cronies for putting small-market constraints on a New York team. But love the Mets’ players and skipper who won anyway. Credit: Elsa/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports

I’m not going to pretend I’m happy that the Cardinals aren’t in the World Series. But the blow is softened somewhat by knowing the National League team is one the Cards had a winning record against in 2015 (4-3) and that steamrolled the hated Chicago Cubs in the NLDS. As Cardinal fan and country music star Liz Moriondo pointed out yesterday, the Royals deserve some love as a fellow Missouri-based team. But come on, Cardinal Nation. Only the fan base of an American League team would try to stuff the All-Star Game ballot box. Despicable.