Not in the Cards: Four Players We Love to Hate

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Jonathan Papelbon

Hey, look at that. No teammates are anywhere near Papelbon in the dugout. Coincidence? I think not. Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Papelbon has long been regarded as one of the biggest jerks in the game, but he really outdid himself this year. I know his Washington Nationals teammate Bryce Harper gets a lot of grief, too, but good on Harper for calling out Papelbon for doing this. That ball was too high, and frankly, screw any pitcher who decides to weaponize his fastball by throwing it deliberately at any part of a hitter. And that goes for Cardinals, pitchers, too. If you listened to meathead former players who are now current pundits, you heard them say that this nice little incident was because Harper didn’t duly respect Papelbon’s attempt to endear himself to his new teammates (the Nats got him at the deadline) by nearly killing an Oriole. This is the only response I can manage. Here’s hoping Papelbon doesn’t get another contract. But we all know he will. Again, this.