Not in the Cards: Four Players We Love to Hate

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Hanley Ramirez

I predict the flying-helmet-on-a-swinging-strike thing will be

Hanley Ramirez

‘ signature move in Boston. Credit: Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox’ signing of Ramirez last winter had disaster written all over it as soon as it happened. Then now former GM Ben Cherrington (or Sox ownership, depending on who you believe) doubled down and signed another underachiever

Pablo Sandoval

. But I digress. Ramirez got a contract as bloated as Sandoval, and now Red Sox Nation has to deal with Ramirez’ lackluster effort through 2018. In year one of that contract, he already had an OPS as low as it’s been since 2011. With apologies to

BoSox Injection

, here’s how I feel about that: