Not in the Cards: Four Players We Love to Hate

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Matt Harvey

Careful! Don’t pitch

Matt Harvey

too much or he’ll sic his uber agent on you! Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I can almost hear the oxygen getting sucked out of the room. How dare I! Anyone would be lucky to have Harvey, right? Wrong. The fireballing righthander hamstrung the Mets down the stretch, becoming a huge distraction with his pitch count drama. The situation calmed down as soon as the Mets reached the playoffs, of course, and Harvey finally came out and told reporters he was all in for the team. But not before unnecessarily making himself out to be a me-first kind of guy. Look, the Mets have sketchy history handling their players’ health. But Harvey had several chances to diffuse the situation and didn’t do it. Meanwhile, he continues his love affair with himself and his accompanying fame in New York. In St. Louis, we prefer our guys focus on winning ballgames. So if the Mets dangle Harvey this winter, as the rumors had it back in September, Mozeliak should run in the other direction. Fast.