Most Instriguing Prospects at Instructional League

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Edmundo Sosa, SS (Johnson City)

Credit: Bret Jacomet/Johnson City Cardinals

2012 was a very good year for the Cardinals on the international market. Not only did they land Sierra. They got top overall prospect Alex Reyes and Sosa, too. And like Sierra, Sosa’s calling card so far has been an advanced plate approach. He’s shown he can use the whole field and has the patience to wait for good pitches to hit. Young, 19-year-old just don’t do that, and the Cards have two of them.

Sosa joined Sierra in Johnson City this summer, and the former hit .300 while playing solid defense at short. The issue with Sosa is his speed. He’s got it. He just doesn’t use it well on the basepaths. The 5-11, 170-lb. Panamanian has stolen 21 bases in his three seasons in the system, but he’s also been caught 12 times. Not only does he need to run more, he needs to learn how to read pitchers so he can get better jumps. Guess what kind of drills he’s doing a lot of in Jupiter right now?