You’d look good in red: Scouting free agents in the LCS

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St. Louis Cardinals fans have no dog in this postseason race. The Kansas City Royals? Please. Don Denkinger’s overwrought safe call in the ’85 series will forever be burned in our collective minds. The Chicago Cubs? Seriously? The New York Mets are right up there with Chicago on the despise-o-meter, while the Toronto Blue Jays are from Canada. No, thank you.

What we do have, however, are impending free agents. Good ones. Steven McNeil has thoroughly broken down the 2015 St. Louis Cardinals for you — including the disappointments — so we know where the Cardinals need to improve. Based on that, let’s look at five players we can still watch on TV and dream of being on the Cardinals’ roster next season. It may not happen, but trust me, it’ll help make the postseason go faster.

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