Alex Reyes Headlines Cardinals in Arizona Fall League

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Patrick Wisdom, INF

Credit: Mark Harrell/Springfield Cardinals

Wisdom is at a crossroads this fall. His second go-around in Springfield this summer ended up being better than the first, when the power-hitting third baseman hit just .214 in 2014 while trying to pull everything out of Hammonds Field. After Wisdom hit just .159 through the first two weeks of this season, the Cardinals sent him to Jupiter to work with minor league offensive strategist George Greer. Whatever Greer did worked. For a little while. Wisdom returned to Springfield in mid-May with more patience and a new ability to hit to all fields. Over the next three months, Wisdom hit .287 with 12 homers. Then, poof! It was gone. He hit .147 the rest of the way. Wisdom has a cannon arm and good range at third. He can stick there, particularly with the kind of raw power preferred for the position. The question now is whether he’ll ever hit enough. For three glorious months of 2015, it looked like he would. Now, Wisdom is in the desert to prove to everyone (and himself) that was no fluke.