MLB Playoffs: Cardinals’ postseason X-Factors

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Good afternoon, Cardinals’ fans! The best time of the year is upon us. That’s right it’s postseason baseball time!

In just a few short days, the wild card teams will be facing off against each other to see who will advance to play against the Cardinals and Royals in the NL and AL respectively. Both wild card games figure to be good games in which either team could come out victorious and it wouldn’t be that unexpected.

However, enough about those games. Let’s get to the real issues for us Cardinals’ fans. A little over a week ago, FanSided’s own Nathaniel Reeves wrote on the X-Factors for each postseason team. I have decided to take this idea and apply it as a whole to this team.

Who will be the X-Factors for this team moving into the postseason? I will give you five players who I believe are critical to this team’s performance.