St. Louis Cardinals’ 2015 Top Prospects

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Rookie League Johnson City Cardinals – Edmundo Sosa SS

Wow what an impressive season for Sosa. He wasn’t necessarily heads and shoulders above everyone else on his team. However, knowing that the Sosa has been ranked in the top 20 of many Cardinals’ prospect lists including Kylie McDaniel’s post earlier this year on the Cardinals system, makes his season stand out more to me. Sosa compiled a slash of .300/.369/.485, posting his highest OPS of his young career at .854. The OPS and the seven home runs Sosa totaled this year make him stand out the most.

Sosa has been considered to have below average power with his small frame. However, Sosa is entering that time where a lot of young hitters start to grow into their bodies and figure their power stroke out. It’s hard to look too deep into a lot of these players stats when they only play 49 games, but regardless Sosa is going to be another top prospect to look out for especially as he will likely start the year out in Peoria next year, making that his first full year in the minor leagues. If this is the case, I may have to make a trip up there and see him play.