September roster expansion candidates for the Cardinals

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Candidate #5

Marco Gonazales

Wow is it strange to see this name as a September call-up. This is a player who could have been with the club at multiple instances this season. Unless you have amnesia, you know how well the 2013 first round draft pick performed for the Cardinals last year in the regular season and the playoffs.

This has been a really tough year for Marco. After battling with Jaime Garcia and Carlos Martinez in spring training for the final rotation spot, Gonzales really struggled in his first month in Memphis. In six starts he had an ERA of 6.35 and had allowed 6 HR. Not at all like the player who shot through the system last year. Gonzales then went on the DL with shoulder irritation in his pitching arm. Gonzales missed nearly two months with this injury and has taken some time to get back up to speed.

In his last three starts in Memphis, Gonzales has only allowed 2 ER and has only allowed 1 HR in his last 5 starts. He seems to finally be healthy and is finally getting back on track to where he was last season. I am not too sure what his role will necessarily be this coming month. However, I would not be surprised to see him come in and spot start once or twice to rest Wacha or Martinez.

I believe that Gonzales needs innings right now and will get his opportunity to pitch out of the bullpen next month. If he is the same guy from last season, he like Tuivailala is a dark-horse candidate to make the playoff roster.