St. Louis Cardinals Op-Ed: 2015 Cardinals will be alright


Last week, I went to my area movie theater to see the movie Tomorrowland.

I came back to see the news on first baseman Matt Adams and his quad tear that would cost him three-to-four months of the season, if not longer.

I wished I had one of those T-pins to send me back to the land of the future. Or at least back to the past where Adams and Adam Wainwright were healthy.

The hallmark of a good baseball team is how it handles the injuries, and so far the St. Louis Cardinals have been pretty good at keeping their heads above water.

This is why I think the Cardinals will be just fine.

Entering Thursday’s games, St. Louis held a six-game lead on the Pittsburgh Pirates and a seven-game edge on the Chicago Cubs. Tonight’s start of the series with the Los Angeles Dodgers is a big one. St. Louis needs to win and keep winning for when that inevitable summer swoon hits.

That is, if it ever does.

In reality, all the Cardinals need to do is keep winning until they hit July, and the trade deadline can take care of itself. St. Louis can use some extra revenue not spent this offseason to go out and grab another bat and quite possibly another pitcher.

Think about it. That’s just under eight weeks away.

If the Cardinals can simply tread water until the July 31 deadline, then adding new pieces to the puzzle shouldn’t be a problem.

If anyone else goes down like, say, Matt Holliday or Lance Lynn, feel free to revisit this column and maybe even rip it up.

That’s not likely to happen, but you have to cover the bases.

For now, take a breath and keep saying to yourself “The Cardinals will be fine.”

They have certainly looked like it so far.

Steve Ungrey is the co-editor for Redbird Rants. Visit him on Facebook ( or follow him on Twitter (@steveungrey)

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