ESPN’s Dan Shulman talks St. Louis Cardinals


ESPN broadcaster Dan Shulman spoke to Redbird Rants in Thursday prior to the St. Louis Cardinals taking the Chicago Cubs as ESPN kicks off their 26th season of Sunday Night Baseball.

In addition to Opening Night presented by Scotts (ESPN2) on Sunday, the Cardinals have also been selected for the following games:
April 19: Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals presented by Taco Bell
May 17: Detroit Tigers at St. Louis Cardinals presented by Taco Bell
July 12: St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates presented by Taco Bell

Daniel Solzman: Thanks for joining Redbird Rants today. How are things treating you?

Dan Shulman: Things are good, thank you.

Daniel Solzman: As we head into Opening Night between St. Louis and Chicago, what are you expecting from the Cardinals this season?

Dan Shulman: I think they’re going to be as strong as they’ve been the last few years. They are my pick to win the National League Central. I think Pittsburgh’s a very good team and I think the Cardinals are a terrific team. I certainly think they’re a contender to win the division, a likely playoff team, and a team that could make a deep run in the playoffs.

Daniel Solzman: Looking at the NL Central, which team seems to be the biggest threat to the Cardinals?

Dan Shulman: I would say Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh made the playoffs the last two years and I don’t see reason why they’re not going to contend for a playoff spot again. If I had to pick right now, I would the Cardinals first and the Pirates second but I think both of those teams will find their way into the playoffs.

Daniel Solzman: You look at the moves made by the Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers. Which team stands out as the biggest threat to the Cardinals’ chances of making the World Series?

Dan Shulman: I think Washington. They’re my pick to win the World Series actually. The depth of their pitching is tremendous—adding Scherzer to the rotation that they had last year. The big concern for them right now is some injuries. They’ve got some guys banged up right now. Rendon, whose not going to be ready to start the season. They’ve got a couple of other guys. It’s a long, long season and I think Washington is the most talented team in baseball.

Daniel Solzman: So far Cardinals have been selected for four Sunday Night games this season, including two this month alone. What does that say about the Cardinals in general?

Dan Shulman: I think it says two things. One, they’re expected to be a very good team. Two, they’ve got a lot of fans. They’ve got a big following around the country. I know our programming department always tries to put on the best games and the games that will appeal to the greatest number of people. I think the Cardinals fit the bill on both fronts.

Daniel Solzman: Thanks again.

Dan Shulman: Alright, you’re welcome.

Daniel Solzman: Happy Passover.

Dan Shulman: You too, Daniel. Take care.