Wacha’s Early Dominance


The Cardinals had one huge question coming into Spring Training. How is Michael Wacha going to respond to his shoulder injury from last year that had him out for over 2 months? Was he going to struggle at first or come back and be in peak form? Everybody expected that he would be fine and good once he was back, but this good?

First off you can’t jump to many conclusions just yet, all he’s done is had two spring training appearances where he’s thrown a total of five innings. You can grasp a little bit of hope however. In his first spring training game he tossed for 2 innings and didn’t give up a single hit. Saturday he pitched 3 innings and only allowed two hits and no runs while striking out two Minnesota Twins.

It’s good to see this early success from Wacha. While you’re not facing nearly as high competition in spring training as you will in the regular season it still helps his confidence for him to play like this. To see this success less than a year after having an injury that doctors couldn’t even determine what it was is encouraging for Cardinals fans.

No conclusions can be drawn from this early success but it is very encouraging to see and hopefully will continue. If Wacha can get back to form and get past the injuries he’s sure to have an incredibly good season. Hopefully this season we will see the same Michael Wacha we did in the 2013 postseason.