No Worries for Wainwright


Recently the news was released that Adam Wainwright was diagnosed with a strained abdominal and may be held out for the season opener for the Cardinals. While some people are kind of freaking out about it, I say there’s no need. Adam Wainwright is a veteran pitcher that has dealt with injuries before. A strained abdominal is not going to effect him for long.

First let’s just look at the numbers. Pretty self explanatory that Wainwright has been stellar for most of his career. This past season he just capped off his second career 20 win season. 2012 was the last season that he had double digit losses to his record. He’s also had an ERA under 3.00 every year since 2012. One worry for Cardinals fans is that 2012 was a struggling year for Wainwright after missing 2011 due to Tommy John surgery. His response wasn’t good for that injury, how will it be now?

The biggest difference between these injuries is the severity, a strained abdominal and elbow injury needing Tommy John are two completely different things. We don’t know if Waino will even miss time for this injury, if he does it shouldn’t be for that long. Injuries are not good for anybody but if anybody would be most determined to overcome an injury it would definitely be Wainwright. Wainwright has made his career on fighting adversity, a strained abdominal isn’t going to stop him.