John Mozeliak Sees St. Louis Cardinals As ‘Opportunistic’


It’s not a matter of being aggressive at the 2014 Winter Meetings in San Diego this week. General Manager John Mozeliak believes the St. Louis Cardinals will be more ‘opportunistic’ than anything.

According to Jenifer Langosch of

"“We don’t have a glaring need to do [get pitching],” said Mozeliak, who already has Adam Wainwright, Michael Wacha, Lance Lynn and John Lackey written into the 2015 rotation. “Just to start to chase something because we feel we have some bandwidth with payroll only makes sense if you truly have a need. At this point, we still feel like the guys we’re running out in our rotation are pretty good. In terms of going out and necessarily making that large investment, I still think it’s the [final years of the contract] that end up being more painful than the first couple. That’s what we’re trying to avoid.”More from St Louis Cardinals NewsCardinals Rumors: 3 pros and cons of signing Carlos RodonCardinals: Here is Willson Contreras’ first message for St. Louis fansHow do the St. Louis Cardinals stack up with Willson Contreras?Cardinals: The insane asking price the Athletics had for Sean MurphySt. Louis Cardinals: Ask me anything with Josh Jacobs – 12/8… [The Cardinals have Carlos Martinez] who Mozeliak described as “pitching with a purpose” and at a point in his young career where the Cardinals want to better evaluate his long-term viability as a starting pitcher.The other would be to make a smaller (and later) splash in the free-agent pool to snag a starting pitcher after the market has settled. Adding depth to their rotation would also help the Cardinals protect themselves in case of injury.“We will maybe look to add something in January, though that’s not a for sure,” Mozeliak said. “That’s always the time that we tend to try and be a little more opportunistic with what we do. I would just be looking for someone that adds depth to what we already have. I’m not saying I’m searching for that. What I’m saying is that that might be the time if we want to bring in an extra arm to when we might do it.”"

So, I won’t count on the Cardinals making a huge splash for a pitcher. Even though St. Louis native Max Scherzer would be an amazing get. I’d still like to see them make a move for bench help and a move to help Matt Adams at first base.

We still have a lot of time before Spring Training, though.