Giancarlo Stanton a Cardinal? Don’t Even Think About It … Maybe


It would be fun to see.

Giancarlo Stanton patrolling right field while wearing the Birds on the Bat?

Chills. But don’t even think about it.

At least that’s what the Miami Marlins are telling teams for now.

According to Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

"“I think that message has been received, and he’s a Miami Marlin,” the team’s president of baseball operations Michael Hall said Tuesday. “Nobody’s coming at us. We tried to squash that last offseason, and our peers have respected that and have taken us at our word, and that’s what it is.”"

You can almost see the executive winking. If you’re trying to squash this, why are you talking so adamantly about it?

The team is trying to sign Giancarlo long term. The point they are at odds about seems to be a no trade clause.

Goold continued:

"“We want the player to be a Marlin,” Hill told reporters during the GM availability on Tuesday. …That could mean an extension that exceeds $200 million and, of course, an average annual salary that surpasses $20 million. It’s a place the Marlins haven’t gone before, but then revenues have never been this high before — even for teams famous for their fire sales and franchise policy. Stanton may actually force the Marlins to re-think something they wouldn’t even offer Albert Pujols.….Hill allowed this week that that they may for Stanton.That’s something elite players receive, and it may be necessary to keep him.The calls aren’t coming now from other teams.That will change if an extension doesn’t happen this winter."

So, you say there is a chance?

Probably not, but let’s play what if!

Obviously, the Cardinals are very interested in getting someone for right field. Giancarlo is the best available. The price sounds steep. Very steep. Who on earth would be worth giving up for Stanton? Would he be worth giving up everything?

After an offseason in which the organization lost their best prospect, Oscar Taveras, in a tragic car accident, it would be easy to see an organization do something drastic. But this is John Mozeliak we’re talking about.

I see Mo kicking the tires on Stanton if it becomes possible. But don’t expect to see him to sell off the farm. No matter how great he’d look with the Birds on the Bat jersey!