All Is Explained: Peter Bourjos Has Hip Surgery

facebooktwitterreddit’s Jenifer Langosch tweeted out this doozie Friday:


Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post Dispatch explains:

"Cardinals center fielder Peter Bourjos had surgery on his hip to alleviate pain that a team official described as “chronic” and caused discomfort for Bourjos throughout the second half of the season.Bourjos had surgery Oct. 21 to address an impingement and repair cartilage damage on the right side of his hip.He is expected to be ready for spring training.Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak described and confirmed details of the surgery this morning."

Much, and I mean much, was made about the lack of using Peter in center this season. Knowing this makes it seem like , “Well, OK, that sucks but explains a lot” It wasn’t because he was hated disliked by manager Mike Matheny. It was because he was in pain.

Mo talked about this with Langosch:

"“He just grinded it out,” Mozeliak said. “He could have probably stopped the year had we not needed him. … It was something that bothered him most of the second half of the season, to where I do think it affected him offensively. I spoke to him a couple days ago, and he’s already feeling better.”"

Seems convenient for this to be explained NOW.

This is kind of a trend for the Cardinals. We wonder and speculate all season long, what and why. Then we find out that during the off season, said player has had surgery. It’s already happened with Adam Wainwright and Jon Jay.

Who’s next!

In discussing Peter’s surgery, Mo said he planned to make Peter part of next season’s outfield platoon.

Per Goold:

"They will offer him a contract before the deadline for players with less than three years of experience and Bourjos was not considered a candidate for non-tendering coming into this offseason.The Cardinals want to maintain their outfield depth at this time."

Whether Matheny uses

gimp hip

Peter or

gimp wrist

Jay will remain a hot topic!