Hopes for the Offseason: Sam Freeman


Note: Hopes for the Offseason will be a series of posts regarding my hopes for players on the current St. Louis Cardinals’ 40-man roster. 

Sam Freeman has an important Spring Training coming.

The lefty reliever needs to prove to Manager Mike Matheny and Pitching Coach Derek Lilliquist that he is dependable and can be turned to for clutch situations.

After several seasons in the minors with the St. Louis Cardinals, Sam Freeman found himself with the team in St. Louis for a majority of the year. He got used. But not a lot.

And while he was used in the National League Division Series against the LA Dodgers, the team left him off the roster for the National League Championship Series against the San Francisco Giants.

Here’s why:

There can be a lot of what ifs you can throw out with that now… Basically, it might have been nice to see him get placed on the NLCS roster. But you have to get people out. And maybe he would have done better against the Giants. Maybe he would have done better than Randy Choate. It wouldn’t have taken much. … Maybe!

So, here’s some things Sam can do this offseason to improve his chances to get used this season!

* Work on the fundamentals. Specifically. Work on fielding bunts and throwing effectively to first base in a high pressure situation. No big deal. For a major leaguer.

* Become buddies with Derek and Mike. Talk work out mumus with Derek. Let Mike have a motivational session or ten with you. Tap into what those two like and I think he’s golden!

* Be positive. Don’t let this get you down. You keep positive and work hard and they’ll have to give you a chance.

Sam is still under team control for a few more seasons, becoming arbitration eligible in 2017. He’s got time…