NLCS Game 5: What Even Cardinals


I’ve really tried to come to terms with last night’s epically sad loss by the St. Louis Cardinals to the San Francisco Giants. But. I just don’t even think it’s going to happen.

Mike Matheny will be back, under the auspices that he take a management class over the winter. Maybe a decision making class too.

It was way too sad. A couple of things could have gone differently and we’d be talking about Game 6 in St. Louis.

It’s going to be a busy offseason for sure and there will be a lot of talk about the should haves and could haves. But for now, let’s talk about a few things, a very few, that went well and the team can build on.

* Mike Matheny. He had a really bad night. Ok. A really bad three game set in San Francisco. But. I really don’t think he should be fired over this series. He has the respect of the whole team. But he plays favorites. He makes bad decisions. But he lead the team past the Pittsburgh Pirates and Milwaukee Brewers to take the Central and an exciting NLDS over the Los Angeles Dodgers. The guy can’t win or lose it seems. He’ll be back, under the auspices that he take a management class over the winter. Maybe a decision making class too.

Three seasons as a manager in which every season ended in a postseason appearance. It’s nothing to sneeze at. Get some allergy meds Cardinal fans! It’s not nice to say they are winning in spite of  Mike!

But. Don’t be surprised to see a few changes on the coaching staff. It’s going to be rough. But I think there will be at least one big change.

* Adam Wainwright. With the exception of giving up two runs, Adam seemed to find his pitching groove. He was pretty great and arguably probably should have been given one more inning. It was a nice way to go out. He deserved the win in that game. Next season, he’ll be very motivated to continue pitching well.

* Michael Wacha. I feel the most for him going into the offseason. One year, he’s on top of the world. The next year, he’s eating hay over being the goat. It’s going to be difficult. As Al Hrabosky would say, Michael will be the first to tell you. But if anyone can shake it off and come back better, it’s Wacha. Believe it.

* Oscar Taveras. I have high hopes that he will settle down this offseason and do what GM John Mozeliak wants to earn a spot in the starting line up. I was impressed with his one inning in right field at AT&T Park. I was impressed with how he handled himself with the media. And, how he handled his pinch hitting appearances. He didn’t act childish. I’m sure he needs to do some growing up. Some working out. Some working on fundamentals. But. I think he’ll do it this time. … If not, he’ll be gone. But I think he’s going to give this a good effort.

* Randal Grichuk. Don’t give up on him, y’all.

* Matt Adams. He needs to get back in touch with the chef the team hired last season and get back to the gym. He just does. That bout of the flu wasn’t good for him. He’ll look great this spring!

*  Kolten Wong. He’s just going to get better. He impressed many with his long ball skills. His fielding just keeps improving.

* The Bullpen. It’s going to get retooled. If we learned one thing from the NLCS, it’s that the bullpen needs an overhaul.

Stayed tuned in for an exciting offseason!

In the meantime, who should I cheer for in the World Series?