Some Final Thoughts On The NLDS


What a fantastic end to the NLDS with a 3-2 defeat of the Los Angeles Dodgers. And Saturday, the St. Louis Cardinals will be heading to the NLCS, for a fourth straight year, against the San Francisco Giants. Here’s a few thoughts on an exciting NLDS.

* Matt Adams. That three-run homer was awesome. I loved the celebration. It was pure joy. Hopefully this continues.

* John Lackey. He pitched a gem in Game 3. He proved he was as advertised when the team traded for him in July.  I hope this also continues into the NLCS and the World Series. This seems to be his time of the year!

* Pat Neshek. Game 3 and Game 4? I was so pleased that this Pat Neshek returned. This was the Pat Neshek that got himself a spot on the All-Star Game roster.

* Shelby Miller. Waiting for his first postseason start was worth it. He pitched 5.2 innings, giving up two earned runs but striking out four. He kept the game scoreless through five. It really was an impressive effort. Despite the runs. The addition of the curve ball is helping. With time and more work, he can only get better.

* Marco Gonzales. This guy is 2-0 in the NLDS. He’s been impressive coming into games in relief. He spent most of the season in the minors. Now look at him! Marco has a great future.

* Trevor Rosenthal. He saved all three wins for the Cardinals. The closer as the similar Cardinal Closer trait of making things interesting. But ultimately, he does his job and he does it pretty well.

* Mike Matheny. This was his third NLDS in his third year as Cardinals manager. You may disagree with a lot of stuff he does… but Mike is obviously doing something right and that can not be denied. He is an amazing leader of this group of men. Respect that.

* Harold Reynolds. He seemed so surprised that the Cardinals beat the Dodgers. It was sad that he was so biased. The Cards have beat Clayton Kershaw, Harold’s boy, in all four games they have faced him since 2013. Kershaw is good, but not too good in the playoffs against the Cardinals. And that’s ok. Also, I hope the sign stealing narrative is over. That’s old.

* Having Home field Advantage for the NLCS? Great!

More on the NLCS later…