Dear Cards Fans: Ignore the Hate, Just Appreciate


Dear St. Louis Cardinals Fans:

Just about every fall for the last decade, we’ve had to deal with the palpable hate people have for our beloved team. It used to just be Josh the Cub fan two cubes away or your cousin who lives on the East Coast. Now? It comes from everyone with a Twitter account or a blog. It’s not just a Cubs fan … it’s that blogger with an incredulous ego, a Dodgers or Giants fan or that bandwagon jumping Washington Nationals fan sitting behind his laptop spewing serious maybe-you-should-seek-help hate because he thinks his team is entitled. … Yes, I have experienced that last one! 

Baseball is serious business. I know this. But. Dear Cards Fan friend, I implore you … Don’t feed that bear.

Ignore those crazy haters. Just sit back and enjoy the team you’ve loved your whole life … or just recently fell in love with! … and appreciate all the successes they have had. That’s all this hate is about.

Here are five fancy Cardinals images to help relieve that tension you’re feeling from all that hate! Enjoy!

5. Ozzie doing a flip!

4. Allen Craig tripping over Will Middlebrooks to score the winning running thanks to an obstruction call during last season’s World Series.

3. Jason Motte celebrating the 2011 World Series win.

2. David Freese. Game 6 of the 2011 World Series.

1. Wainwright and Molina Celebration.

Enjoy Game 1 of the NLDS! Go Cardinals!