Five Thoughts For St. Louis Cardinals’ Final Regular Season Series


When the St. Louis Cardinals take the field against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field tomorrow, it’s not just some series. This is the final series of the regular season for the St. Louis Cardinals. A lot is on the line. To say the least. Here are five thoughts.

1. The Cardinals need to win every game this weekend. The Cards are getting down to the wire and remain three games from clinching the NL Central after the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Atlanta Braves tonight 10-1. Next up for the Bucs are the Cincinnati Reds. Good luck getting help from the Reds. The Cardinals must depend on themselves to win the Central. No one else.

2. The offense needs to show up. I don’t care how it shows up. Just show up and score runs please. That means playing the best line up possible. None of this playing certain players to give them a chance stuff. No tinkering! With this being the last series of the season and so much on the line, there is no time for messing around. No.

3.  No matter the pitch count, Michael Wacha needs to channel his 2013 playoff self. Lance Lynn needs to channel his energy and pitch great. No Lynnings. And Adam Wainwright. Waino needs to be muy bueno. MUY!

4. Remember when Mike Matheny had a really short leash on the bullpen? That was great. Keep that up! Wouldn’t you hate to have to play in the Wild Card game because Matheny left

Ryan Franklin

… errr … Trevor Rosenthal or Pat Neshek in for too long?

5. Speaking of Trevor Rosenthal and Pat Neshek. We’ve seen you two pitch lights out. Do that again … for like the next few weeks. That would be amazing!

And most importantly to you fans? Relax, watch some great baseball featuring your favorite team and hope for the best. If you remember a few weeks ago, we’re lucky our team is where is is right now. Now if we can just get a little more out of them for a few weeks!