Despite August troubles, Adam Wainwright keeps grinding


Despite his August troubles, Adam Wainwright keeps grinding every time he takes the mound for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Wainwright threw 103 pitches in a six inning outing as the Cardinals played the Pittsburgh Pirates on Wednesday afternoon. The ace only gave up three runs in the effort but saw nothing from the Cardinals offense other than a solo home run from Matt Holliday.

“The guy is a warrior,” manager Mike Matheny said according to “He is just an absolute example of how you’re supposed to continue to go through this. It’s too bad that we couldn’t have gotten a little more run support.”

In the eight starts since the All-Star Game, Wainwright has a 4.68 ERA. For Wainwright, who lost four games in a month for the first time, August cannot end soon enough.

“It has been a grind, and I’ll just continue to go out there and battle my tail off until things click back into place,” Wainwright said according to “It’s been a while, and I’m ready to move on. As ugly as it is, and whatever it may look like, I’m still holding us in the game and I know that we’re close. This month is over for me. I’m ready to move onto September and build off the few good pitches I did throw.”

Will Yadier Molina‘s return be the medicine that Wainwright needs to get it together again?