Book Review: That’s a Winner by Jack Buck


The memoir of legendary St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster Jack Buck was reprinted today by Sports Publishing Books.
Image courtesy of Sports Publishing Books
Originally published in 1997, Jack Buck: “That’s a Winner!” was written by Buck with Spink Award recipient Bob Broeg and Rob Rains.

If you missed out on getting the original edition of Buck’s memoir when it was released in the late 1990s, you can get a new edition today! I first had the opportunity to read Buck’s autobiography when I was in college and requested it as an inter-library loan. I’m just as excited to read about Jack Buck’s life now as I was back in the mid-2000s!

Buck’s memoir can be described as both honest and forthright as he entertains Cardinals fans in a different medium: print. Buck gives fans an inside look at his life, from his childhood through his many years broadcasting for the Cardinals and CBS Sports. Through reading Buck’s book, we learn just how he came the iconic broadcaster.

The broadcaster shares his experiences from working at a drive-in to the time he spent serving the country in the Army. It wouldn’t be a Jack Buck book without talking about working with Haray Caray, August A. Busch, Jr., or Whitey Herzog.

This new edition contains everything that was in the original edition published in 1997. It would have been nice to have seen a new afterword to this edition as Buck died nearly 12 years ago but I can’t complain as I am happy that Buck’s book has been reprinted. I’m hopeful but not optimistic that the Red Schoendienst biography will be republished by Sports Publishing.