Blackout: MLB TV Free Game of the Day


When I saw that the game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates was offered as the MLB TV Free Game of the Day, I was excited about having the opportunity to watch the Cardinals on television.

In my quest to watch the free game of the day on MLB TV, I found that the Cincinnati Reds viewing territory is one that is blacked out for the Cardinals/Pirates game. This makes no sense to me. I spent several minutes on hold so that I could complain to somebody with Customer Support.

In calling, I found that the Free Game of the Day is ONLY available to premium customers. This makes no sense as premium customers are able to watch ANY game that is available so why tell me that free games are available to paying customers only?

In writing about this on Twitter, I found out that other people are able to watch the game for free and out-of-market. So why is it that I’m being blacked out of being able to watch the Cardinals on MLB TV?

MLB finally relaxed the blackout rules for games airing on Saturday as the Fox Game of the Week while ESPN viewers can watch Sunday Night Baseball on Watch ESPN. But the free game of the day is only available for paying customers only?!?