Redbird Rants is searching for Talented Writers


Redbird Rants is looking for new writers to join the Fansided network and cover the St. Louis Cardinals. With Opening Day coming up very soon, Redbird Rants is asking you if you would like to join our team and write for the Fansided network.

Do you consider yourself to be a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan? Do you already write on your personal blog about the Cardinals? Would you like to consider moving on to a bigger platform to showcase your writing talent and gain some additional exposure?

Well, we would like you to join us. Redbird Rants, part of the Sports Network, is in need of your help. I’ve been with the network for nearly two years and Redbird Rants already has a few long standing staff writers on board who have combined their love for the Cardinals and writing into one.

Fansided has a content partnership with Sports Illustrated. Your writing would be seen by thousands, maybe millions, of baseball fans that access the site daily.

If you are interested in making Redbird Rants the number one source for game summaries, hot stove coverage, statistical analysis and opinionated commentary about your St. Louis Cardinals then please email the site editor Daniel Solzman for more information. If you can promise to write a minimum of four articles per month, the next step in applying to join our fantastic writing staff is to fill out an application here.