The Yankees Strike Back

Carlos Beltran


David Ortiz

will be haveing more first base conversations in 2014. Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Former St. Louis Cardinals slugger Carlos Beltran will be wearing pinstripes in the Bronx in a few months. This is a result of the Yankees filling the big spikes of recently pujolsed Robinson Cano.  Plus there are more moves to come when the Cash-Man is signing checks.

The AL East is once gobbling up premier players while General Managers in Oakland and St. Louis are creating crafty packages to bolster rosters.

Recently the Boston Red Sox watched a New England superhero, Jacoby Ellsbury, fly south to another evil empire in New York.  Sure the Sox picked up former Cards closer Edward Mujica and resigned the beastly Mike Napoli, but they might be nearly finished due to their young players emerging in 2014.

The Yankees however have reached DEFCON-6 after missing the playoffs and being unable to hide Cirque-De-Rodriguez. Who else will the Yankees procure?  Will their All-Star assembled squad have enough to fulfill Beltran’s quest? Or will the AL East beat one another up so much that Los will have to wait longer to enjoy his dream? Being protected by newbie Brian McCann is nice along with the cushion of the DH.

Whatever happens to the AL East and all of their zillion dollar payrolls, it is nice to know that a classy vet like Carlos Beltran will have a more than a fair chance.  Three years is something that St. Louis could not promise him, so today’s news is almost as surprising as the Tim McCarver rumors.

Looking ahead, it will be reminiscent to see Beltran back in St. Louis at the end of May when New York visits for an early season battle at Busch.  There are no boos in his future in St. Louis, but the Big Apple has tough crowds.  As long as Beltran belts balls like he did in STL the last couple of years, he will never hear the dark side of the Bronx.

Just like

Johnny Damon

, there is a razor in

Jacoby Ellsbury

‘s future. Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports