PostCards: Mike Matheny, Adam Wainwright talk NLCS Game 3

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Q. What do you remember about pitching here in 2009 and the atmosphere here in the playoffs?
Oct 13, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Adam Wainwright (50) during a press conference on the day before game three of the National League Championship Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. Image Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
ADAM WAINWRIGHT: Yeah, thinking back I know it’s going to be rocking tomorrow. I don’t know how many people are here, but it’s a lot of fans, bigger than most stadiums, I think, and very loud. I love that though. I mean, the louder the better. That plays right into my hands.

Q. Can you describe why it seemed like the first game it was pretty clear that Ramirez was the guy that wasn’t going to beat you and kind of how his absence changes how you go after Gonzalez and Puig?


Q. Or his presence there?

ADAM WAINWRIGHT: If I know Hanley and Andre, they’ll both be in there tomorrow. They’re both great competitors. But Hanley’s‑‑ he looks the best I’ve seen him in a long time. His swing looks great. His approach is awesome. As everyone knows he’s got power to all fields, so he’s a very dangerous hitter and a very tough bat added to that lineup.

Q. Does that change the way you would go after Puig?

ADAM WAINWRIGHT: I would never tell you that (smiling).

Q. I know you are tight with Skip Schumaker because you guys were teammates. When the series started, did the lines of communication end because you guys are competing against each other?

ADAM WAINWRIGHT: I’m his fantasy football commissioner in one league, and I just recently within the last two minutes had to make a last second adjustment to his roster, so, no. We don’t talk about baseball, but fantasy football is still pretty important among baseball players.

Q. It’s coming up on ten years since you were traded to St. Louis. What do you remember about that day and your emotions then and how it’s panned out now?

ADAM WAINWRIGHT: The day that I was traded to St. Louis, I was in Gainesville, Georgia. I was sitting on the fireplace asking my future father‑in‑law for his daughter’s hand in marriage when the phone started ringing. My phone was vibrating and going crazy, so I turned it off.

Then the house phone started ringing, and my future father‑in‑law, Jim Curry got up and answered it. I’m thinking we’re having a pretty important talk, why would he get up and answer the phone?

But turned out it was my mom, and she was calling to tell us that I had been traded; and she was crying. The whole city where I live was crying, turned out to be one of the greatest moments of my life. He acknowledged that I could marry his daughter, which was great.

But also getting traded to the St. Louis Cardinals rejuvenated my career and gave me a fresh start. I’ve had a chance to play in two World Series and win two rings, and countless playoff games. I mean, it’s just really exciting to be a member of the St. Louis community, as well as being a Cardinal. But it’s a huge honor for me. I’m so blessed and glad to be where I’m at.

Q. How much do you rely on how Kelly and Wacha approached this team? Or do you just go with your own game plan and what got you here?

ADAM WAINWRIGHT: That sounds like a scouting report to me.

Q. Will you talk to them?

ADAM WAINWRIGHT: I’ve watched their whole games. I’ve watched their home games that they’ve pitched. I’ve seen every pitch. I saw it live, obviously; but I’ve got it on my iPad. I watch the whole thing and I know exactly how they approach the hitters. I’ve talked to Yadier, and Yadier and I will get together and come up with a master plan.