From Coors to Miller


It is a Midwestern beer fest when the St. Louis Cardinals go to Miller Park.  Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

After a rough week in Colorado, the St. Louis Cardinals fly to Wisconsin for a huge series versus the Crew.  All eyes are on the three team dash in the National League Central as other divisional races are settling.

The next and final day of rest for St. Louis will be one week from today, and by that time the positioning of Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Washington could be quite different or similar to today’s tight pack.

During those seven days the Cardinals will play the flat Brew Crew and then the popping Nationals.  So far in 2013, St. Louis has dominated the series with their semi-rival to the north  going 13-3.  And, this season’s record against 2012 NLDS foe Washington is 3-0 .

After arriving in Denver, the Birdinals were broken on Monday and struggled with the last place Rockies.  Tonight’s ending after nearly 15 innings of baseball is brutal.

Todd Helton got his revenge on Edward Mujica and the Cards failed to shut the door in the 9th frame and couldn’t preserve a 2 game lead over Pittsburgh for first place.  Pete Kozma did an awesome Pete Kozma impression by choking with the bases loaded, but then he pretended to be David Freese by spiking his helmet after blowing a gigantic opportunity.  Then in the 15th, the Yadier Molina dropped the sweet throw to the plate, and Fernando Salas didn’t tag the winning run.

Unfortunately there is no pie or cake for St. Louis’ home stretch to be compared to.

However, STL’s savior comes in the shape of cute baby bears from the north side of Chicago next weekend.  That concluding trilogy at Busch Stadium will act as a cushion to what will be a suspenseful end to the regular season.

St. Louis fans know that Chicago is “Completely Useless By September”, but how well can the “Cardinals Achieve Real Deal Success” in September?

The answer is, avoiding another Wildcard Playoff where statistics stand against St. Louie, as well as the idea of burning an ace just to get join the party.