Brewers at Cardinals, Game 144 Thread


Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to tonight’s game thread!

After the glorious sweep of the Pirates, the Milwaukee Brewers are in town! Coming off of the toughest and most important stretch of games this season, the Cardinals get something of a break, playing their final games against teams they have played well in the past.

Their first hurdle is Wily Peralta of the Brewers. He has a 9-14 record and a 4.51 ERA in 29 starts. In two games this season against the Cardinals, he boasts an 11.57 ERA. To say the very least, St. Louis should be able to handle him.

Tonight, Shelby Miller takes the mound for the Redbirds. Though he’s had a couple of rough outings in a row (giving up 8 runs over 10 innings in his last 2 outings), Miller ought to be excited to take on Milwaukee at home. He has a 1.47 ERA in 3 starts against the Brew-crew, and a 1.92 ERA in 13 home starts this season.

Basically, prepare to see a dominant Shelby Miller and a lost Wily Peralta.

In the meantime, it’s important to do well in this series as the Bucs nip at the Cardinals heels. Although I thought that Yu Darvish was going to take care of Pittsburgh last night, he failed in the seventh, earning himself the dubious title of Pitcher Who Gave the Pirates Their First Winning Season in Twenty Years.

The win cut the Cardinals’ division lead to a slim 1 game, so taking care of business against the Brewers is pivotal to their success this September.

Now here comes the game, let’s go Cardinals!!! Leave your thoughts below.