Pete Kozma and the Month of September


Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

I’m going to admit to something that I probably shouldn’t: I am a Pete Kozma fan.

It’s shameful, I know.

But last September, he came through when we needed him the most and he just ran off with my heart! His hitting was fine and all, but I was in love with the way he ran bases (first to third on a sac bunt is simply a glorious thing to see).

I am not a fan of Koz the way I am a fan of Matt Carpenter or Adam Wainwright — I cannot claim to love him because of his statistical performance — but rather I am a fan the way you were a fan of your first “favorite player” growing up. Win or lose, homer or strike out, there’s nothing he can do to make me any less of a follower.

I am a fan of Pete Kozma the way that the little six-year-old boy in the right field bleachers is a fan of Tony Cruz: logic and statistics don’t play into it, merely adoration.

I do get frustrated when he doesn’t play well, and I’m not stupid enough to wish him into the lineup when he doesn’t perform. But since I began writing for Redbird Rants about a month ago, I have been willing Pete to do something blog-worthy, so that I can talk about him in a post. And he has finally come through.

Nota Bene: I would like to state early on that I do in fact know that it is September ninth. That said, it’s been a pretty weak season for the Cardinals at shortstop, and after beating up on both Kozma and Descalso so much, I think it’s important to recognize their achievements (when they have them). Now let’s continue.

See, much the way that I love him, Pete Kozma ought to love the month of September.

After hitting just .063 in the month of August, the Hungarian Hurricane (as I like to call him) has come alive in September, hitting .333 with 4 hits, including a double. I know that it’s early, and that he’s only started three games, but he already has more hits in the month of September than he did in August.

His career numbers (i.e. last season’s numbers) in the month of September are truly impressive: he’s hitting .341 with 6 doubles, 3 triples, 2 home runs, and 15 RBIs.

In short, the Pete Kozma we know and love (as opposed to the Pete Kozma we know and don’t love) comes out to play in September, and now that he’s entered the ninth month of the year, there’s no telling when the Hungarian Hurricane will cease.

So go get ’em, Pete. I’ll be rootin’ for you.