Cincinnati’s Open Seat Infection


Mr. Redlegs assures Rosie Red that no one saw her step on the first base line. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Reds have shown that they are currently superior to the St. Louis Cardinals.  It was a close series that featured the debut of Billy Hamilton and some mild temperatures.

How did tonight’s finale to the series only have 21,418 paid at the ball park?  Last night’s 16 inning thriller only boasted 23,894 in attendance, and Homer Bailey’s shutout on Tuesday included just over 20,000 witnesses, so less people were surprised tonight.

Nevertheless, some Reds players were shocked Wednesday after nearly HALF of the Great American Ball Park had been sitting vacant, so naturally they voiced their disapproval on twitter.  But do they have the right to gripe about the empty uncomfortable red seats scowling at them in the bullpen?

Certainly athletes like J.J. Hoover and Sam LeCure are given the unalienable right to moan about the lack spectators in the Natti, and rants by relievers at the end of a lengthy season are deserved.  But their crying didn’t bring more bodies to the ball game this evening, it actually decreased sales.

It is simply pathetic!  However what have the Redlegs done for Ohio’s Queen City, recently?

“Jack squat!” as a man who lived in a van down by the river used to say.  Why else would an old baseball town turn to a college football team in different part of the state to cuddle up to at night?

The Reds are one of the most historic franchises in baseball as most locals will tell you, but they have not been able to reach the World Series since 1990 to add to their respectable 5 championships.  That was back when they were part of the NL West and astroturf was as popular as mullets and animated turtles.  Since the 90′ Reds upset the monstrous Athletics, Cincinnati has had some decent teams, but they never returned to The Fall Classic.

The Reds were swept by Bobby Cox‘s Braves in the 1995 NLCS and in the 2010 NLDS by Philly.  Most recently, the other Midwestern red-legged side blew a 2-0 lead in the 2012 NLDS to the Giants, which they don’t post on their MLB site.

“Bueller…Buelller…Bueller.” Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

It is a tragic story that explains how even a contending team hosting a rival during an exciting part of the season isn’t a big draw.  Yes, ticket prices and the cost of the game are high, especially with STL visiting, but the Bengals sell out over 90% of their stadium and prices are higher!

Maybe it is impossible for people from a baseball city to comprehend an obviously football dominated land.  Or possibly Reds fans are tentative to support a team that has not proven anything in over 20 years.  Regardless of the reasoning for this madness, it is completely logical for both sides to be bitter.

The true loser is the city of Cincinnati.  If this disinterest towards America’s pastime continues in southern Ohio, there could be dire consequences like rebranding the organization with a better mascot.

How about the Cincinnati Kidney Beans? Then, KB management could give away sweet chili to less fortunate people and fill up seats for decisive September series.