Another Blown Deadline for the Cardinals?


Aug 28, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher

Adam Wainwright

(50) walks off after giving up six earned runs to the Cincinnati Reds during the first inning at Busch Stadium. Wainwright pitched two innings giving up eight hits and nine earned runs. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Cardinals may not get any more help before September begins and the rosters are finalized for the remainder of the season.  Once again, John Mozeliak might have fouled up a chance for St. Louis to advance deep into the 2013 post season by stubbornly sitting on prospects.

While the Pittsburgh Pirates made serious moves to build their 40-man roster by grabbing Marlon Byrd, John Buck, and Justin Morneau, the Birdinals picked up dated closer John Axford who no longer has intiminating facial hair.

There have been no moves to address either the black hole which is the shortstops offensive production, or the currently wallowing starting rotation.

The passive way that the Cards’ front office is watching the second trade deadline go by is either arrogant or calculated.

While hoarding talent can be  a prudent practice, when it is at a surplus like it now is for STL, letting some chips go for the needed players is crucial to win more than a wildcard game.

Lance Lynn has looked awful during his past three starts, getting knocked out of games early and displaying countless negative signs.  Shelby Miller has looked less commanding in the second half of the season, especially yesterday.  Most discerning was Adam Wainwright‘s recent unravelling in the vital finale at Busch versus the Reds.

Only newly discovered ace Joe Kelly is pitching consistently well.

So why not get Dan Haren who has had a solid second half?  If not him, then someone like him.  Carlos Martinez did have a good start for Memphis a few days ago, but will be be ready for a playoff push?

Daniel Descalso has filled in for Pete Kozma about as well as Shemp did for Curly.  His defense is laughable at short, and while he did get a hit tonight, he has not produced much at all with the stick lately.

So why not give Danny Espinosa a change of scenery and bring him on?  It appears that DD and Kozzie are exactly who many critics were afraid they were.  Which shortstops that cleared waivers are better than the current STL pathetic SS duo?  The answer is plenty.

Cardinals management has conservatively chosen not to add any impact players this month.  While Axford could prove to be a key pickup, today it looks like insurance.  The lack of moves solidifies St. Louis’ non-aggressive attack on Pittsburgh and being content with another one-game playoff.

September will be a learning experience for many Redbirds rookies, and perhaps it will make future Octobers more memorable.  However, Cards fans could be asking “What if?” next fall.  Nationals fans know all about high hopes and shattered dreams.  One year can make a monumental difference.

St. Louis has a decent roster going into the final month, but it could be better.  The holes might get bigger or possibly they will heal organically.

But trusting Mo becomes tough when the standings guarantee nothing.  It creates the legitimate question of whether the Cardinals are planning for the future and sabotaging 2013?

STL’s shortstops have the potential to return to their 2012 fall form, and the rotation could fall into place.  But optimism is what kept Stephen Strasberg off the hill one year ago.  Reality is such that the Cardinals do not know when they will be in the playoff push again.