Cardinals Win 8-6


Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The sub-title to this piece, just so you all know, is “Allen Craig is a Boss.” Why? This:

Now, just how awesome is Allen Craig? Well, he’s .451 with runners in scoring position awesome. He’s .456 with runners in scoring position and two outs awesome. He’s .700 with the bases loaded awesome. He’s .857 awesome with the bases loaded and two outs. You think your first baseman is better? Think again.

But he and his grand slam aren’t the only highlights of the important win against Cincinnati tonight.

Most importantly, the Cardinals are a half game in first place! It feels good to be the best, doesn’t it?

Next, St. Louis had yet another come-back victory. What seemed so distressingly rare early in the season happened again tonight. The Cards are playing like the team that can’t be kept down, no matter the deficit. To be perfectly honest, I’d rather see that trend start in September and carry through October than watch it peter out after using all of our luck in May and June.

Another highlight was Tyler Lyons‘ performance. No, he didn’t record the win, and yes, he did give up four runs, but I give the rookie an A- on the night. He struck out seven in five innings and really shut down the Reds offense. He gave up four runs, but only one of them was earned, and I submit that (had Descalso turned two on a tailor-made double play ball) he could have had a shutout outing and perhaps gone six or more innings. Either way, he showed off the rare ability to calm himself down and pitch after a rough second inning.

Jon Jay looked stellar in center as well. He made some nice catches and seems to be reading the ball the way he was last year. Again, just in time for those game saving catches to matter.

Finally, Joey Votto didn’t reach base and Lyons struck him out twice.

Now I have a quick question for you all: