Al Hrabosky: The Worst Color Guy Ever


Hyun-Jin Ryu’s walk out song is Gangnam Style, and it is not an Anti-American tune. Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Cardinals Fox Sports Midwest commentator Alan Hrabosky is an idiot.

He is often annoying, occasionally he is funny, rarely is he insightful and mostly “The Mad Hungarian” is simply stupid.  His act on the air is like Elmer Fudd.

On the mound his “antics” were recreated by dopes like John Rocker.

Tonight on the air, in a middle of a gruesome game at Busch Stadium, old goofy Al with his crazy facial hair made the mistake of calling the song “Gangnam Style” Anti-American.

Then, Hrabosky had the arrogance to stick his foot further in his mouth by talking more about pop music, and declared that America made PSY rich.

Those ignorant incorrect statements made by a former Cardinals pitcher ruined some kids night.  What a shame.

Good job Al, you lied to kids, dancers, teens, parents, teachers and whoever was paying attention to the Cardinals telecast of tonights game.  The next time someone who doesn’t understand Korean hears “Gangnam Style” they could actually think that the dance song that is a hit in America, is actually anti-American.

Fiction:  Al Hrabosky is fluent in the Korean language.

Fact: “Gangnam Style” is making fun of a rich neighborhood (Gangnam) in Seoul, South Korea.

Fact:  PSY’s father is a millionaire.  The pop star was born rich.

Fact:  “Gangnam Style” is popular outside of America.

Fiction:  PSY currently makes songs against America.

Fact:  PSY made an anti-America song in 2004 after 2 US soldiers killed 2 South Korean teenagers on Yangju highway with a tank, and were acquitted in the court martial.  It is a very nasty and graphic song.

Fact:  PSY publicly apologized in 2012 for the song that he made a decade earlier.

Fact/Fiction:  Al Hrabosky NEVER listened to, sang, or danced to any song that was “Anti-American”.

Fact/Fiction:  PSY’s songs are obnoxious.

Fact/Fiction:  Al Hrabosky will make a questionable remark tomorrow when Ryu pitches at Busch.

Tonight’s PSY conversation stared while Busch III blared “Gangnam Style” and the camera panned to various happy Cards fans getting down.

It was all fun until Hrabosky couldn’t play along with Horton’s jokes.  Al ruined it and started talking smack, and he was out of his element..

To fix the problem, get Chris Duncan or someone else in the booth!  Bring in some new blood to provide something more than goofiness.

Hopefully, if St. Louis finally gets a real television contract with some real money, then maybe we can hire a real color commentator to help call the games.  We could also boost the payroll a bit and pay players like Cliff Lee.

Until a correction is made, I will watch the away feed.  Tomorrow, I will enjoy Vin Scully for the series finale, which will be a treat before the torture of the Cubbies guys.

*In contrast, I listened to former Cardinals catcher Bob Uecker tell a story about former Cards pitcher Steve Carlton, while calling the game.  Maybe we could get him off waivers?