St. Louis Cardinals not affected by Biogenesis Suspensions


Commissioner Bud Selig laid down the hammer today and the St. Louis Cardinals were not affected by the suspensions.

While there have been minor leaguers suspended 50 games under the Joint Drug Agreement in years past, there were no players in the organization suspended in today’s announcement. This shows that the JDA is working and Major League Baseball is cleaning up its system.

Today’s suspensions will affect the Major League Baseball playoff races more so in the American League than that of the National League. The Milwaukee Brewers were already out of the playoff race in the National League Central division so Ryan Braun‘s 65 game suspension has no effect on the NL central from here on out except for being the difference in a win or loss.

It is hopeful that, following this year, we will never again hear about a player being suspended under the JDA again. However, I do hope that they tighten the rules for suspensions. I feel that 50 games for a first offense for is too weak. I’m not alone in this. It should be 100 games minimum or a lifetime ban.

However, baseball has a head up on basketball and football. It’s taking a tougher stance on the violations but the stance needs to get tougher.