Yadi’s Knees and Holliday’s Assists


Cardinals fans got a kick to the face today, but will St. Louis fall?. Image Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Cardinals have serious problems that were not solved by sending Scrabble to Cleveland. Yadier Molina‘s right knee is appearing in nightmares, again, along with Matt Holliday‘s inability to play his position.

Today’s back to back loses proved that the Cardinals are slumping.  But this slump may last for a while, or longer.  Although it is natural, a prolonged slump can turn into a collapse.  The wounds are open and the competition smells fresh blood.

Yadi’s immediate path is unknown, and St. Louis’ MVP leaves a huge void in every area.  Fingers are crossed, prayers are read, and second opinions are requested. However, MRI’s are honest and the truth could be scary.

The already sad St. Louis baseball scene with it’s absence of major moves can be viewed in the following 3 ways.

Short Term:

While management is thinking, the Cardinals are sinking, and fast.

Make a move!  Trade Matt Holliday for anyone at all, package him with a prospect for Cliff Lee or a better shortstop. He has made 3 errors in 3 days!  “Big Daddy” (awful nickname) has shown his true 2010-like defense recently and driven in fewer runs than little Matt in 2013. Holliday’s perpetual gasface finally makes complete sense, he knows how bad he stinks in left field.

Apparently John Mozeliak and the Cardinals Gods are content with the current team in STL.  What would Walt Jockety and TLR be doing right now?  It is doubtful that they would be counting their eggs.

The time is now.  St. Louis has a championship team with some tweaking and good fortune.  Spend the money for ring #12!

Long Term:

Hold on to all of the prospects to protect the future of the Cardinals organization.  Love them, take care of them, keep them close in Memphis, and check on them often.

Relax and sip a Black Crown!  Slump, bump, just wait until September when the schedule is easier.

This season, and a possible trip to the postseason in the fall, even without a single win, would give the young players great experience.  Next year, all of the young players will have another year of playoff experience, plus new rookies like Wacha, Oscar, Martinez and Wong will be baffling competition in 2014 and beyond.  There will be numerous postseasons to enjoy down the red bricked road.

No old man with a huge contract will bring the Cardinals anything this  year that would push them past their current potential, and the money saved will earn wins in the future.


Any way you break up the squares of the pizza, decisions are being made now that will dictate the rest of the decade in St. Louis.  In 24 hours, there might be a new Cardinals number and knickname to remember, or there will be faith to be entrusted and waivers to consider.