United Cardinal Bloggers July Project: Cardinals Hall of Fame Nominees


The July project for the United Cardinals Bloggers is to nominate 5 former Cardinals to join the Cardinals Hall of Fame.

UCB members were to pick our five nominees based on the following criteria:
1) Assume that everyone that has a retired number/logo on the wall is already in the HOF.
2) The player must be retired or you have the reasonable expectation he’s retired. (ex. Scott Rolen is eligible but Chris Carpenter is not.)
3) There’s no limitation on service time.

My five nominees for the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame are:
Joe Medwick (Cardinals service time 1932–1940, 1947-48, Baseball HOF inductee 1968)
Johnny Mize (Cardinals service time 1936–1941, Baseball HOF inductee 1981)
Steve Carlton (Cardinals service time 1965–1971, Baseball HOF inductee 1994)
Orlando Cepeda (Cardinals service time 1966-68, Baseball HOF inductee 1999)
Tim McCarver (Cardinals service time 1959-69, 1973-74)

In all honesty, I was debating the fifth and final slot between McCarver and Joe Torre. When push came to shove, I opted for McCarver as he played on all 3 of the Cardinals teams that went to the World Series in the 1960s. That said, I recognize the fact that Torre won the National League MVP Award in 1971 and went on to later manage the Cardinals from 1990 until he was fired in June 1995.