Making the case for Yadier Molina


The closest race in the all-star voting right now is between the guys who are arguably the two best catchers in the game right now. Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants and Yadier Molina of the St.Louis Cardinals. Both are great catchers and are the best of the best. but right now Posey is the one in front in All-Star Voting. Over the past year or so the question has started to come up among fans, who is better? Here is my case for why Yadier Molina is the better player.

1. His defense

Yadier Molina is without a doubt the best defensive catcher in the game today, maybe even one of the best defensive catchers of all time. His ability to completely shut down an opponents running game is truly remarkable.  In his 10 year career in the big leagues Molina has thrown out 44% of the people that have run on him, while Posey’s career percentage is 31%  It’s simple, you do not run on Yadier Molina, he will throw you out.

2. His offense

When Yadi first started in the big leagues he was known for his defense not for his offense. In 2006 for example Molina hit only .216. Over the years however Molina has continued to get better and better at the plate. Since 2007 the lowest Molina has hit is .262.  In 2012 Molina had the best offensive year of his career. He hit .315 with with 22 home runs and 76 RBI’s all of those career highs. Molina has become as dangerous at the plate as he is behind it.

3. His leadership

What I respect the most about Molina is how he is a true leader to the Cardinals pitching staff. Molina is in my opinion better than anyone else in the game at leading a pitching staff. The Cardinals starters love being able to go out to the mound and have Yadi behind the plate catching them. He is the Cardinals leader on and off the field and he has become the face of the Cardinals franchise.

This is no disrespect, Buster Posey is a great catcher and I have tons of respect for him. But if I was starting an MLB team and I could choose which of those two players to have as my starting catcher. I would choose Yadier Molina every single time.