Umpire Clint Fagan is a game-changer


St. Louis Cardinals leader Yadier Molina was shockingly booted from today’s game for spiking his batting helmet after a close play at first base. Then, Mike Matheny stuck up for his catcher and got himself thrown out, while Bengie Molina and Jose Oquendo attempted to contain the fiery tempers.

June 2, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; Bengie had held


adi back before, and the year was 1989.

Mike Matheny

tells Clint Fagan to help himself. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It was mayhem caused by an insecure decision that happened when Yadi’s back was turned.  It was shady like Eminem’s shadow.

Shame on umpires who upstage players.  No one pays to see a big call so let them play!

Lets consider what doesn’t always get players kicked out of professional baseball games:

Players slam helmets into the ground in disgust after racing to first base. They break bats in anger. Batters smash wood on the ground in frustration. Men start fights and brawls in rage. Pitchers throw rocks at batters. Base runners derstoy the catcher to touch the plate. Opposing players curse and taunt each other. Players argue with umpires.

First base umpire Clint Fagan drastically changed the final game versus the Giants when he overreacted.

Sunday’s game’s final six frames were caught by Tony Cruz, who has rarely been behind the plate this season.  Rookie lefty Tyler Lyons could have used a veteren calling the pitches.  Although Tony had a decent at bat, down two runs in the 8th inning with RISP versus Sergio Romo, it would have been better to have Mr. Molina and his whopping .347 to the right of the dish.

Unfortunately, Clint Fagan was having a bad umpire  hat day and felt insecure, or ran out of black shoe polish, or lost at the boats last night.  Whatever the reason, it stings since this is the second loss this week that was strongly effected by someone who was not a player.