Mitchell Boggs still has nothing


This is not the start to 2013 that anyone expected for Mr. Boggs. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Without a doubt Mitchell Boggs has been the biggest disappointment so far this month. He stinks like hockey pads that get used twice a week.

For an unknown reason, Mike Matheny and other Cards coaches continue to act as if this tragedy hadn’t already unfolded. What appeared to be faith shown by coaches and managers, now looks reckless.

Mitchell Boggs needs to go down to Memphis and start at square one and change his delivery.  If he ever gets back to where he was last season it would be monumental.

The psychological damage has already been done.  Losing games that were close by giving up big innings has been the tale of Mitchell’s season thus far.  The former set up man looked to be tearing up on the mound in Philadelphia tonight, and it was tough to watch. A month ago he was wearing stars and stripes in Miami, now he is at rock bottom in the baseball world.  It is like when Austin Powers lost his mojo, except I don’t know how much closing juice Boggs ever had.

After tonight, the Boggs catastrophe can be tucked in unless St. Louis wants to be questioned for throwing games.

It is over like it was over for Jason Isringhausen and Ryan Franklin. It took them too long to depart, and they seemed to return too soon.  This affair should be answered by the somewhat proven Edward Mujica or by letting Joe Kelly and Trevor Rosenthal do more work since they still have their self confidence.  Upcoming arms like Michael Wacha or Carlos Martinez are there to be called up as well.

Nothing can be more depressing than watching the same guy get crushed repeatedly. Actually, there is one thing that surpasses the sorrow from the eighth inning tonight, that is the possibility that we will see it all replay itself again soon.

Hopefully the Cards can come together and use some of their dislike for Davey Johnson and the cocky Nats to salvage this road trip.  DC was a great place last fall (for St. Louis), maybe some of that wonder dust is still there.  Or maybe the starters can carry the bullpen along with the bats that choked up a bit tonight.