Matt Adams rakes in the spring


Fireworks at Busch as a small Clydesdale trots around the bases.   Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Adams pounded pitchers in each of the three first series in 2013. Now he just needs a suitable title to go with his giant frame. “Patch” was worse than “Tony Plush”. The guy who is responsible for three of the five Cards victories so far this April deserves better. No famous doctor that inspired a mediocre Robin Williams character fits a man appears to be everything and a bag of Red Hot Riplets.

“Big City”,“Bear”, “Big League”, “Big Bear”, “Big Thunder”, “Adams Bombs”, “Matty Bombs”, or “Mattie Light” all work. Whatever ends up sticking will suit the slugger well. But how the can St. Louis keep the man of the hour in the lineup, without burning him out like Lance Lynn last year? The answer is: extremely carefully.

The pool is about the size of something that gets filled with a hose, but there have been glimpses of the future and it looks grand. The surplus of talent under the Arch is overwhelming. Not since the 80’s have the Cardinals generated this many big time base-ballers. The inconsistencies and growing pains promise to be hard to watch at times. But nothing outweighs the upcoming pleasures not to mention what we have already seen.

Matt Adams multi hit game in Arizona, then his tide-changing ground rule double in San Francisco plus the two Adams bombs he dropped in the Lou; make the newest Matt as impressive as the starting rotation this month. Other guys like Matt Carpenter and Matt Holliday are rising to the occasion as well. The likelihood that St. Louis deals Matt “Tiny” Adams or any other basher with the National League Designated Hitter discussion on the table is skinny to zilch.

Skipper Mike does need to be cautious, especially with the young delicate players. Adams, Carpenter, Miller and Kozma should be pampered a bit. The brutal heat, coming too soon to a stadium near everyone, can be monstrous for husky young guys in addition to the pressure of being in the show and fighting for their spot. But until then, MM will work to keep locker room fun and the dugout loose, even while it is all business for the boys of spring.

Another possibility to utilize the firepower would be for the Cardinals to move Carlos Beltran to center field in small ballparks, so Allen Craig can stay in right field with “Mattie Light” crushing at the first bag. This would give the Cards a tangible threat off the bench in John Jay, but mostly it would be a lineup for the ages for the Birdinals. The interleague away games will also showcase “The Horse” batting as the DH with diesel power. The sky and 300 are the only limits for the newest St. Louis star.

Thanks to Matt Adams the St. Louis’ wood is cracking. It was infectious this past week with one of the younger guys showing his elders how to stroke. Next up is Milweakie! It is too bad for Kyle Lohse that Kyle Lohse is pitching tomorrow. It may be tough for a few Redbirds to sleep tonight after knowing the former Cards starters favorite flavors and hairstyles. Let the battle of the brews begin!