Jim Edmonds would like to own the Cardinals


I was not surprised to read this morning that Jim Edmonds wants to be a future owner of the St. Louis Cardinals.
Mar 11, 2012; Jupiter, FL. USA; Former St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Jim Edmonds watches batting practice before the game against the Washington Nationals at Roger Dean Stadium. The game was postponed due to rain after 4 innings. Image Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports
Jim Edmonds was one of the first of the ex-Cardinals to greet David Freese following the walk-off home run after Game 6 of the 2011 World Series so it is not much of a surprise to see that he wants to be further involved with the Cardinals.

While Edmonds would prefer not to be a full-time coach and travel all season long, he is currently serving as a Spring Training instructor and coaching the outfielders.

What is interesting though is that Edmonds wishes that he “would have known more about the history of this organization when I was younger, but it definitely makes it that much more exciting to be around and try to carry on some of the tradition.”

When asked for comment on the statement made by Jim Edmonds, all principal owner Bill DeWitt, Jr. could do was laugh.

"DeWitt chuckled Saturday when Edmonds’ desire for ownership was relayed to him. He said Edmonds hadn’t talked about any ownership stake with him — and the team isn’t for sale.“No plans at all,” DeWitt said. “We’re very happy with the situation.”But DeWitt said Edmonds had expressed an interest in being more involved.“He knows the game as well as anybody,” DeWitt said."

I could easily see Edmonds serving as a special assistant to the general manager if he is looking to get more involved and not travel all the time. It would not only be good for him but it would also be good for the Cardinals.

Outside of Matt Holliday, who else would be a good mentor for top Cardinals prospect Oscar Taveras, who is expected to be manning the St. Louis outfield in 2014.