Ballpark Village: F@$k Yeah!


I am proud to be from Saint Louis, and Ballpark Village will be one more thing to brag about. Our patience has been rewarded and ground is actually going to break! This is a big deal for countless reasons, especially for people who don’t just drive in to see a game and then leave.
It was embarrassing for Busch II’s land to remain Lake Dewitt for so long, particularly after Busch III’s inaugural season, 2006 when we brought home a winner, the All-Star game came and went in 2009, and then we brought home another winner in 2011. It’s about damn time for Ballpark Village!
I could speculate about what Ballpark Village will be, and criticize the plans, but that would be a waste of words. Anything is better than the collection of nothingness that it is now. The stagnant plans and dreams are now starting the process of becoming a reality. Smack yourselves on the back rich owners and developers! We know, there was an economic crisis and money has been tight. But it is better now than next year, and it is definitely superior to some dirt and a pond with on top of Astroturf memories. Let there be life and fun outside the ballpark! More jobs, less problems!
In the near future, Cardinals fans, tourists, natives, kids, students, entertainers, spectators, will all have more to enjoy before and after future regular season, post-season and All-Star Games. Downtown St. Louis needs more development and employment opportunities so let us celebrate and give Adam Wainwright a healthy contract plus a fair deal for “The David Freese.”

-Thanks for reading and Happy almost Super Bowl Sunday!