New Definition for IDIOT


I don’t usually have a disclaimer on my blog but, I feel compelled to list one on this particular one. The blog does not necessarily reflect the views of Redbird Rants and is my opinion. And, there is no information regarding the St. Louis Cardinals in this blog. And finally, this blog may make a few readers angry so, if you feel the need to email me with your feedback, email me at

As the title of this blog indicates, there is a new definition for the word idiot in my dictionary. In my dictionary, IDIOT = Rob Parker. For those who didn’t know, Parker is a person who works for ESPN. I won’t call him a journalist. In an interview recently, someone asked him his thoughts on Robert Griffin III role as a black quarterback. Now, I’m not even sure what the question means but, since I didn’t actually see the interview, I won’t comment on the question as it may have been taken out of context.

What I will comment on are the idiotic statements Parker answered with in the interview. He questioned RGIII’s blackness and called him a “..cornball brother”. Again, I have know idea what the definition is of a cornball brother. But, as he continued the interview, he implied that RGIII wasn’t black because his fiancé is white, because he was a republican and he attended Butler, which he called “lily white”.

Last time I checked, your significant other’s race or ethnicity doesn’t make you “blacker”; nor does your political party or what college you attended. Anyone who thinks so, belongs in the same category I place Parker…IDIOT!

I’m black, conservative (lean more towards republican ideas than democrat) and I attended University of Illinois. And I find Parker’s comments extremely offensive. I’m not a Washington Redskins fan, nor am I a big RGIII fan but, I think he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and I’ve never questioned his or any other black athlete’s “blackness”.

Parker can take some journalistic and “human being” lessons from another ESPN journalist, Stephen A. Smith; who found the comments “..irritating.”. For more on what he thought, check out the article found here:

In a blog I did earlier in the year, I talked about the St. Louis Cardinals’ lack of black ball players on the team and disagreed with many who thought the Redbirds weren’t doing enough to resolve that issue. It looks like it will be a long time before we as a nation stop using the race card for any issue. ESPN would do well to fire Parker as he’s not worthy of the title journalist. Tell you what Parker, let’s see how bad and “black” you really are; tell RGIII to his face he’s a cornball brother.

Thanks for reading.